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Then, we can set up a free 30-minute chat to discuss your project. The Trento Centre is equipped with two treatment rooms for patients and one for experimental use and research, with a fixed beam. PART 1: What kind of medicine did people take to combat the plague in the 1500s? My grandmother Maria Onorati was born in Bono, Trentino, Italy in 1894. @media screen and ( max-width: 100% ) { Commenti 25 Feb. 2020 Leggi tutto. Queste date indicano il punto di partenza di due vicende che – in tempi diversi – hanno forgiato il concetto di “autonomia” nella storia del Trentino. This podcast is a supplement to an article published on this website called 'Cloz in Val di Non: History, Parish Records, Local Surnames'. I think it’s worth looking at them, as we’ll be talking more about these places in the next article. Would you also like to submit a review for this item? Come fermare il contagio Covid in Trentino? It tells us of how hard the Trentino farmers worked and how idle and pleasure-seeking its aristocrats were. ‘Stranieri’ could be a long-term label, linked to ethnicity. It was followed by the testimony of Luigia Carlucci Aiello, founder and first president of the Italian Institute for Artificial Intelligence, who was also a teacher of Stock’s at the University of Pisa, in 1975. The Provincial Government awarded the Aquila di San Venceslao (an eagle-shaped prize recalling the shape and tradition of Trentino and of its autonomy) to Professor Fulvio Zuelli, former full professor of Institutions of Public Law, former Rector of the University of Trento and, until a few months ago, also President of the University Guild. By the 1800s, we see only a handful of names listed, which certainly do not represent all the property owners of the city in that century. But most of all, I hope you'll be able to feel what I felt when I walked the same streets and visited the same houses my ancestors would have seen (and possibly lived in) over 400 years ago. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Oliviero Stock, born in Trieste, obtains a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Florence, and then a aster’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, with a thesis on the analysis of natural language. Get this from a library! Thus, criminals or vagrants (they mention murders, etc.) In the podcast, I discuss four research ideas and tips, with specific examples from my research in the parish of Cloz: In this video you will see the sacred wooden shepherd's cross after which the parish was named, which was discovered on top on nearby Monte San Martino around 1600, and brought to the church in 1624, as well as the 1,000 year old subterranean chapel with 800 year old frescoes of angels on Romanesque pillars. } Join our Trentino Genealogy Group on Facebook: Your email address will not be published. +39 0461 650314 - Fax +39 0461 650703 From these, we can get a snapshot of family groups and their neighbourhoods, often learning names, ages, places of birth, occupation, date of immigration (especially in US docs), etc. Il monumento è stato installato all’imbocco del sentiero di via dei «Legionari Cecoslovacchi», dove inizia il vallo tomo di Prabi. An FBK Meeting at the Corriere Della Sera Foundation, New Amazon award for FBK in the field of machine learning, FBK | Fondazione Bruno Kessler  —  The search features are much more flexible, and you can sort and download the data. Once we’ve finished our genealogical tour of the city of Trento, we’ll start to move on to our tour of the rest of the province – moving first to an exploration of Val di Non. Last time, in Part 1 in this special series on Trentino valleys, I gave you an overview of the CIVIL and CHURCH structures in Italy, as well as the VALLEYS in the Province of Trentino (sometimes called the Province of Trento). } } Tune in to hear some fascinating, symbolic, and mysterious legends about the ‘shepherd’s cross’ from the early 1600s, which came to be known as ‘Santa Croce del Bleggio’. To be sure to receive these and all future articles from Trentino Genealogy, simply subscribe to the blog using the form below. In this podcast, I share a list of most unusual ingredients for a plague remedy invented by botanist Pietro Andrea Mattioli, the personal medical doctor of cardinals, kings, and emperors. If we apply this along with other needed shifts, we see: In modern Italian, the combination ‘sci’ is pronounced like ‘shi’; a double ‘s’ makes the consonant soft, like the last letters in the word ‘hiss’. However, I do have the resources to do a fair bit of research for many clients from home, and will have some openings for new clients from 1 June 2020. Here's a short video I made where I show the town, the Serafini ancestral house (modernised) and a rare walk-through of an old-style mountain house that is very much the way it was 100 years ago (well...maybe a little messier!). that it was not a title given to anyone who decided to live in the city, but to those who actively contributed to the welfare of the city in some way. With specific reference to the city of Trento, one good example is the Libro della Cittadinanza (Citizenship Book of Trento), written in 1577 – only a few years after the Concilio di Trento (Council of Trento). } Aquila di San Venceslao. [Flavio Faganello; Mauro Lando; Alcione,;] It began its clinical activity in October 2014. You'll hear me huffing and puffing, as this mountain village is just never stops going up, up, up! Originally home of the Rhaetian people and other tribes, the ROMANS also loved Trento, calling it ‘Tridentum’, meaning ‘three teeth’, referring to the three mountain peaks within which the city is situated. Libro della Cittadinanza di Trento: Storia e tradizione del cognome Trentino. Page 1 of the book, printed on parchment, and decorated in gold, is a fascinating piece of art showing the stemmi (crests / coats-of-arms) of these 10 consuls. Was One of Your Trentino Ancestors a Notary? Among the founders in 2010 of the Trento node of the EIT-European Institute of Technology, which has made Trento a hub for central and southern Europe in the field of digital technologies. (not yet rated) Keeping Our Ancestors Alive: Reflections on the Day of the Dead, Genealogical Breadcrumbs: Notes, Sources & Reviewing Research, How the WRONG Information Ends Up in Your Family Tree, What Our Ancestors’ Deaths Can Teach Us About Their Lives, Guide to Genealogical Research at the Archdiocese of Trento, Preparing for Research: Using Microfilms for Family History, Searching Online for 19th & 20th Century Trentini Ancestors, Parishes, Parish Records & Genealogy Resources for Trentino, The Science of Finding Your Female Ancestors from Trentino.

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