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He is also passionate about studies. On 29 September 2004 he gave me the official mandate of exorcist of the diocese.The drama of the suffering through diabolic possession is a great mystery which continues. See more of Padre Michele Bianco info Santuario S.Ciriaco Torre Le Nocelle on Facebook. There were up to 8.000 to 10.000 people participating in these meetings.Every Saturday, here, I celebrate the holy Mass with prayers of intercession. Great faith is needed on the part of the priest, his collaborators and the whole praying community to become intercessors to the Lord. I trust myself to the Holy Spirit. HOME PAGE | HEALING PILGRIMAGES | FRATEL COSIMO | FATHER MICHELE BIANCO | FATHER ANTONIO FORTEA | SAINTS | ARTICLES | PRAYERS | LINKS | Site Map, by Christian Parmantier Stella Maris n. 437 et 438. When I arrived there, I was immediately involved in this ministry, new to me. In fact, at the time when these charismas emerged, a new bishop arrived at Benevento. I am the fifth of six children. Saint Ignatius, in his time, invited to live the reality of the presence of Christ, of course, without the categories of the deep knowledge of man, of anthropology. But it is the meeting with Father Dario Betauncourt that has been fundamental because he made me understand in 1994 that I had to put at the service of the faith and of the Church the charismas that the Lord put into my hands and in my heart in spite of my unworthiness.The first meeting with the mystery occurred in 1991, when I was recently appointed parish priest of this country of Torre Le Nocelle. Really, the Holy Spirit came on Mary and on John by flowing out the open side of Jesus. And how did this all start? Six months later, I was completely healed. Therefore, this moment, the greatest of the human drama of Christ, of the «ego» of Christ, has to be considered precisely in the dimension of the ego of the man, doubling it almost and removing him from the dimension of the God-man, because it is really the God-man who suffers. But Zachariah says to us: «They will look at the one they have transpierced»! John Paul II met her because her case arrived to the notice of the Vatican. Many people feel the need to confess. When my new bishop, Mgr Serafino Sprovieri, arrived in 1992, he verbally authorized me to make exorcisms for many years. Then he gave me a photograph of the servant of God Palatucci and recommended me to pray a lot. Mary is the first charismatic. Exactly. to suffer with the one who suffers and to be delighted with the one who is joyful.There is the moment when the believer faces himself and confronts himself with the mystery of the cross and the suffering. Therefore, this intuition of Saint Ignatius is for me wonderful, like the fact that men were created for praising. During a tour in Italy in October 2005, Father Michele Bianco, parish priest of the sanctuary Saint-Cyriacus in Torre Le Nocelle, a small city in the province of Avellino (South Italy), agreed to meet us for the readers of "Stella Maris". In the spiritual Exercises, Saint Ignatius of Loyola advises to represent the place, to revive all the Passion of Christ. It can even happen that among people accompanying the possessed person, there are some who have various pathologies; for instance cephalgias.Did the first case happen that way? Father Michele, what do you feel during the practice of your charisma? A disastrous situation — as if the world fell on me —, which made me depressed. Thus, first the experience of Golgotha, then the one of the Thabor, which is very enriching and very strong.All that comes from the extraordinary teaching of Mary. You thus insist on this aspect of the suffering of Jesus to touch hearts? PAGINA CREATA E GESTITA DA ALESSANDRO MATASSA Per … Padre Michele Bianco info Santuario S.Ciriaco Torre Le Nocelle Heute um 00:03 Santa Messa con omelia - ventisettesima domenica del Tempo Ordinario Celebra Padre Leo 4/10/20 A friend of mine, Maria D’Onofrio, led me to Father Michele. In 2 Corinthians, the cursed person becomes curse with the eyes of the Father to remove us the faults and the sins. From this repentance, new life can be born. This must lead to repentance. I have always been on good terms with my family. Every time, more than a thousand people participate in the holy Mass with prayers of intercession here.Every time, more than a thousand people participate in these meetings that take place in the church and in the oratory, which is located a few meters from the church, thanks to big screen that connects us and makes it possible for people to see on line what is happening in the church.Spiritual healings are very numerous.

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