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Quels sont les pièces à fournir pour s'inscrire à ce programme ? Université de Glasgow (Glasgow, Ecosse, Royaume-Uni). Bosutti A, Bernareggi A, Massaria G, D'Andrea P, Taccola G; Lorenzon P, Sciancalepore M. Henriques T, Agostinelli E, Hernandez-Clavijo A, Maurya DK, Rock JR, Harfe BD, Menini A, Pifferi S. Lasconi C, Pifferi S, Hernandez-Clavijo A, Merigo F, Cecchini MP, Gonzalez-Velandia KY, Agostinelli E, Sbarbati A, Menini A. Musto M, Rauti R, Rodrigues AF, Bonechi E, Ballerini C, Kostarelos K, Ballerini L. Nocchi L, Roy N, D'Attilia M, Dhandapani R, Maffei M, Traista A, Castaldi L, Perlas E, Chadick CH, Heppenstall PA. Nocchi L, Portulano C, Franciosa F, Doleschall B, Panea M, Roy N, Maffei M, Gargano A, Perlas E, Heppenstall PA. Pampaloni NP, Giugliano M, Scaini D, Ballerini L, Rauti R. Rauti R, Medelin M, Newman L, Vranic S, Reina G, Bianco A, Prato M, Kostarelos K, Ballerini L. Sundukova M, Prifti E, Bucci A, Kirillova K, Serrao J, Reymond L, Umebayashi M, Hovius R, Riezman H, Johnsson K, Heppenstall PA. Taberner FJ, Prato V, Schaefer I, Schrenk-Siemens K, Heppenstall PA, Lechner SG. De Dos, R.F. Notre faculté consacrent la plupart de leur temps à la recherche, offrant ainsi la tutelle exceptionnelle. Syst. Continuer. 2020 Oct;257:120177. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2020.120177. © Copyright 2015 | SISSA - Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati | via Bonomea, 265 - 34136 Trieste ITALY, Orthographic consistency influences morphological processing in reading aloud: Evidence from a cross-linguistic study, Semantic activation of embedded stems in the presence or absence of a morphological structure. Channels (Austin). The School has also drawn up over 150 collaboration agreements with the world's leading schools and research institutes. ... Nat Biotechnol. Quelle est la langue d'enseignement de ce programme ? Université norvégienne de Science et Technologie (Trondheim, Norvège). Watch Queue Queue Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Taccola G, Salazar BH, Apicella R, Hogan MK, Horner PJ, Sayenko D, Taccola G, Barber S, Horner PJ, Bazo HAC, Sayenko D, George R, Chiappalone M, Giugliano M, Levi T, Vassanelli S, Partzsch J, Mayr C, Verbist C, Müller MG, Mansvelder HD, Legenstein R, Giugliano M, Manzati M, Sorbo T, Giugliano M, Ballerini L, Jones PD, Moskalyuk A, Barthold C, Gutöhrlein K, Heusel G, Schröppel B, Samba R, Giugliano M. Song Q, Pifferi S, Shi L, Chen C, Proietti Zaccaria R, Menini A, Cao J, Zhang Q, Torre V. Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research. Functional rewiring across spinal injuries via biomimetic nanofiber scaffolds, Electrophysiological Changes During Early Steps of Retinitis Pigmentosa, A "noisy" electrical stimulation protocol favors muscle regeneration in vitro through release of endogenous ATP, TMEM16A calcium-activated chloride currents in supporting cells of the mouse olfactory epithelium, One-step site-specific antibody fragment auto-conjugation using SNAP-tag technology, Bitter tastants and artificial sweeteners activate a subset of epithelial cells in acute tissue slices of the rat trachea, A ligand-based system for receptor-specific delivery of proteins, 3D Organotypic Spinal Cultures: Exploring Neuron and Neuroglia Responses Upon Prolonged Exposure to Graphene Oxide, Interleukin-31-mediated photoablation of pruritogenic epidermal neurons reduces itch-associated behaviours in mice, Nerve growth factor-mediated photoablation of nociceptors reduces pain behavior in mice, Advances in Nano Neuroscience: From Nanomaterials to Nanotools, Graphene Oxide Flakes Tune Excitatory Neurotransmission in Vivo by Targeting Hippocampal Synapses, A Chemogenetic Approach for the Optical Monitoring of Voltage in Neurons, Structure-guided examination of the mechanogating mechanism of PIEZO2, The NGFR100W Mutation Specifically Impairs Nociception without Affecting Cognitive Performance in a Mouse Model of Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy Type V, Bottom Up Ethics - Neuroenhancement in Education and Employment, Histamine modulates spinal motoneurons and locomotor circuits, Control of mechanical pain hypersensitivity in mice through ligand-targeted photoablation of TrkB-positive sensory neurons, Afferent inputs induced by rhythmic limb movements affects spinal neuronal circuits in an innovative robotic in vitro preparation, Safety Assessment of Graphene-Based Materials: Focus on Human Health and the Environment, Cell mechanotransduction with piconewton forces applied by optical tweezers, Bridging pro-inflammatory signals, synaptic transmission and protection in spinal explants in vitro, Exploiting natural polysaccharides to enhance in vitro bio-constructs of primary neurons and progenitor cells, The permeation mechanism of organic cations through a CNG mimic channel, Single-layer graphene modulates neuronal communication and augments membrane ion currents, Single-shot, dual-mode, water-immersion microscopy platform for biological applications, And yet it moves: recovery of volitional control after spinal cord injury, Attenuated Glial Reactivity on Topographically Functionalized Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene):P-Toluene Sulfonate (PEDOT:PTS) Neuroelectrodes Fabricated by Microimprint Lithography, Sensory Adaptation to Chemical Cues by Vomeronasal Sensory Neurons, A Fully 3D Interconnected Graphene-Carbon Nanotube Web Allows the Study of Glioma Infiltration in Bioengineered 3D Cortex-Like Networks, Touch Receptor-Derived Sensory Information Alleviates Acute Pain Signaling and Fine-Tunes Nociceptive Reflex Coordination, Nanostructures to Engineer 3D Neural-Interfaces: Directing Axonal Navigation toward Successful Bridging of Spinal Segments, Multilevel analysis of locomotion in immature preparations suggests innovative strategies to reactivate stepping after spinal cord injury, Successful Regrowth of Retinal Neurons When Cultured Interfaced to Carbon Nanotube Platforms, The long tale of the calcium activated Cl- channels in olfactory transduction, Public views on gene editing and its uses, Combining FRET and optical tweezers to study RhoGTPases spatio-temporal dynamics upon local stimulation, Nanomaterials for stimulating nerve growth, Actin Waves Do Not Boost Neurite Outgrowth in the Early Stages of Neuron Maturation, ATP release during cell swelling activates a Ca(2+)-dependent Cl(-) current by autocrine mechanism in mouse hippocampal microglia, Functional and Molecular Characterization of Mechanoinsensitive "Silent" Nociceptors, Exosomal cargo including microRNA regulates sensory neuron to macrophage communication after nerve trauma, Electrical stimulation able to trigger locomotor spinal circuits also induces dorsal horn activity, Staggered multi-site low-frequency electrostimulation effectively induces locomotor patterns in the isolated rat spinal cord, Two distinct stimulus frequencies delivered simultaneously at low intensity generate robust locomotor patterns, Neuromodulation of the neural circuits controlling the lower urinary tract, Acetylated tubulin is essential for touch sensation in mice, The Ca2+-activated Cl- channel TMEM16B regulates action potential firing and axonal targeting in olfactory sensory neurons, The TRPM2 channel is a hypothalamic heat sensor that limits fever and can drive hypothermia, A new model of nerve injury in the rat reveals a role of regulator of G protein signaling 4 in tactile hypersensitivity, The role of dimensionality in neuronal network dynamics, 3D meshes of carbon nanotubes guide functional reconnection of segregated spinal explants, From 2D to 3D: novel nanostructured scaffolds to investigate signalling in reconstructed neuronal networks, Multiple effects of anthracene-9-carboxylic acid on the TMEM16B/anoctamin2 calcium-activated chloride channel, Cdc42 and RhoA reveal different spatio-temporal dynamics upon local stimulation with Semaphorin-3A, Circuit formation and function in the olfactory bulb of mice with reduced spontaneous afferent activity, Conformational rearrangements in the transmembrane domain of CNGA1 channels revealed by single-molecule force spectroscopy, The phototransduction machinery in the rod outer segment has a strong efficacy gradient, A structural, functional, and computational analysis suggests pore flexibility as the base for the poor selectivity of CNG channels, Membrane stiffening by STOML3 facilitates mechanosensation in sensory neurons, Extracellular stimulation with human “noisy” electromyographic patterns facilitates myotube activity, Investigation of Adhesion and Mechanical Properties of Human Glioma Cells by Single Cell Force Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy, A DNA Origami Nanorobot Controlled by Nucleic Acid Hybridization, Carbon Nanotubes and Neuronal Performance.

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