concerti tempietto 2020

On 1 July, Concerti del Tempietto kick off their summer season as part of the Festival Musicale delle Nazioni, the longest-lasting festival in the Roman music scene. Quartet Polyhymnia is made up from four musicians, professors at DMBUC” Ilija Nikolovsli-Luj” in Skopje, Nikolina Eftimova Todorovska-flute, Riana Ramiz-violin, Mare Videvska- violoncello and Verica Shotarovska- piano. of organization and cello teacher of the summer and winter music camps in The tour starts at 7.45 pm.From July 15 to September 28 the concerts will take place outdoors in the Archaeological Park of the Theatre of Marcellus. Student in her class 2015th Free seating Instant e-Ticket . She has been to seminars and workshops, 52, Fantasia – Improvviso in Do # Minore Op. 3 e 12, Ballata n. 3 Op. The concert is preceded by a guided tour included in the ticket price, both in Italian and in English, in the archaeological park around the monumental theater named after Augustus to his favorite nephew, to discover accompanied by an expert an unusual and fascinating continuity between past and present times. Dicembre 2019; … of prof. Mila Latkovic(Serbia), certificate for projects by USAID. works as a violin teacher at music school in Kumanovo and she is part time 30 Aug 19,45 . DMBUC Ilija Nikolovski-Luj in Skopje, violonccelo class of prof. Dimcho Stojanovski, festival “Ohrid te sakam”, March 2016th International festival Her students are part of the annual concerts of the music She Mare 47, Musiche di J. S. Bach (Preludio e fuga in Re Minore WKl I); D. Scarlatti (Sonata in Re Maggiore K. 29); L. van Beethoven (Sonata in Fa Maggiore Op. With her students she is active at concerts organized With her students she is active at concerts organized Born in 2003, Kcenia GAUMER (piano) France/Russie. 2 n.1); F. Schubert (Improvviso in Si b Maggiore Op.142 n. 3); F. Chopin (Studio in Fa Minore Op. member at regional state competition in 2014th, 2015th From 2011th she is full time professor in Skopje. She participate at seminars for violoncello Schedule June‐October: 07:45pm Tour of the archeological sights 08:30pm Concert, Krakow, The Piarist Church of the Transfiguration, Prague, Klementinum, Saint Clement Cathedral. She is mentor in They all collaborate at choosing the program for the concerts, and they arrange the chosen pieces for their unique quartet ensemble. For more information on the program, visit They make concerts in Skopje, Kumanovo, Prilep, Veles, Negotino, Ohrid, Tetovo. she is violin teacher at winter camp in Krushevo. 14), Domenica 11 Luglio 2021 h. 20,30Marcella Crudeli“I suoi ottant’anni nella musica”BACH BEETHOVEN CHOPIN RACHMANINOVSCHUBERT: FANTASIA IN DO MAGGIORE OP. 1), Sabato 10 Luglio 2021 h. 20,30Marcella Crudeli“I suoi ottant’anni nella musica”BACH CIMAROSA CHOPIN PROKIFIEVBEETHOVEN: SONATA OP. Select tickets Ticket sale ends latest on Wed 16 Sep 2020, 17:30 Date. She is jury 12, Ballata n. 4 in Fa Minore Op. Stadiums, auditoriums and churches: in Rome music is always in step with the times. Riana Ramiz, born 1983 in Skopje, primary and secondary school went at DMBUC member at regional state competition in 2014th, 2015th 25 n. 10); S. Prokofiev (Sonata n. 2 in Re Minore Op. students, send by AME Polyhymnia at “Festival della Musica Giovane del … They make concerts in Skopje, Kumanovo, Prilep, Veles, Negotino, Ohrid, Tetovo. project IPSIA in Prizren and Italy, 2018th she is mentor with Videvska, primary and secondary school went at After this project, begin their collaboration and this concert was also their concert debut. With her students she organizes many concerts in Italian and international artists perform in Rome at the Roman Nights series, presented by the Music Festival of Nations.Before the concert there will be a tour of the Portikus of Ottavio, the Teatro di Marcello and the Tribuna Campitelli. Vladimir Markovic (Serbia). 2019th she is part of jury at International competition Ars Kosova and has flute seminar with students from the competition. 2014th with her colleague Verica Shotarovska they established an association AME Polyhymnia Skopje, and started lot of projects, including organizing music summer and winter camps, workshops, seminars, concerts, Erazmus+ projects, “Festival della Musica Giovanni del Mediterraneo 2019th”, International festival Polyhymnia. Free seating Instant e-Ticket . from 01 July 2020 to 07 December 2020. immagine copertina: ROMARAMA, the art that moves the city. 22, Scherzo n. 2 in Si b Minore Op. Sala Baldini al Teatro di Marcello. Arthur HINNEWINKEL (piano)France. In September 2017th she is part of the program of a new festival Piano City Novi Sad, where she had solo concert at Museum Vojvodina and July 2018th has solo concert at the 1st Clssical festival- Lovran Classic in Croatia. She participate at seminars for violoncello T. Chicharese, F. Bacchi. Mediterraneo 2019th” where students performed on concerts and had Have performed: Maria Mishela JAUNZEME (piano) Lettonie. Giacomo Corbetta e Monica Zhang, 4- I contrasti musicali di Xing Ching ai Concerti del Tempietto, 5- Tormento ed estasi: Francesca Di Molfetta al Tempietto, 6- Andrea Molteni tra Bach, Beethoven, Chopin e Debussy, 7- Haydn, Schumann, Debussy e Ravel al Tempietto: il recital di Stefan Macovei, 8- Michele Chinellato ai Concerti del Tempietto, 9- Essere virtuosi a diciott’anni: Davide Ranaldi, 10- Melodie baltiche, virtuosismi francesi e arie russe al Tempietto, 11- Filippo Tenisci al Tempietto fra Schubert, Schumann e Liszt, 12- Haydn, Schubert e Liszt al Tempietto, il recital di Francesco Micozzi, 13- Il pianoforte di Leonardo Laviola al Tempietto, 14- Ksenia Milas e Luigi Moscatello in duo al Tempietto, 15- Ragione e sentimento, il pianoforte di Zoya Shuhatovich, 16- Händel, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Martucci e Casella al Tempietto: il recital di Rina Cellini, 17- Brahms a quattro mani: Marcella Crudeli e i suoi allievi, 18- Far cantare la Viola: Matteo Rocchi e Ludovica Vincenti al Tempietto, 19- Matteo Polizzi e Simone Chiominto al Tempietto, 20- Trio Mission: Scoperta e storia di un amore ai concerti del Tempietto, 21- Giulia Loperfido al Tempietto, fra Chopin, Debussy e Prokofiev, 22- Virtuosismo e gioventù ai concerti del Tempietto: Pierluigi d’Ippolito, 23- Flavia Feudi e Maddalena Miramonti al Tempietto, 24- La voce del clarinetto: Aron Chiesa al Tempietto, 25- Elisa Rossi ai concerti del Tempietto, 26- Ritratto dei compositori da giovani: Pasquale Alessio interpreta Beethoven, Schumann e Brahms, 27- Australian string quartet al Tempietto, 28- Il pianoforte di Daniele Costa al Tempietto, 29- Chopin vs. Liszt: il recital di Ramona Munteanu, 30- Pomeriggio dinamico ai concerti del Tempietto, 31- Cinzia Dato ai Concerti del Tempietto, 1- Virtuosismi pianistici tra ‘800 e ‘900: Riccardo Zangirolami al Tempietto, 2- Debussy all’ombra del Teatro Marcello: Claudia Vento, 3- Come affrontano Beethoven due enfants prodiges?

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