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'container': 'c21', It rises to 1005 m of altitude at the foot of the Corno Piccolo of the Gran Sasso d'Italia. Caramanico Terme is part of the club "Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". Lying on gentle hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Fossacesia is in the province of Chieti, in the heart of…. Language English ... Il mare d’Abruzzo è tutto questo, con in più numerose località premiate con le prestigiose “Bandiere Blu”, la simpatia e la proverbiale ospitalità degli abruzzesi ed alle spalle la regione più verde d’Europa. 133 chilometri di costa, lungo la quale si alternano arenili di sabbia dorata e fresche pinete, scogliere, promontori e calette di ciotoli, spiagge animate e festose e lidi solitari dove crogiolarsi in pace. On the slopes of Mount San Nicola stands Scurcola Marsicana, a village that welcomes the traveler with the beauty of its…, Where is: it is the most southerly seaside resort of Teramo coast, just a few kilometers from the border with…, A city rich in history. It is said that the…. © 2020 L'Associazione de I Borghi Più Belli D'Italia - P.IVA 06982031004   |, By filling out the form the user acknowledges the information provided pursuant to the GDPR and authorizes the processing of the data, which can be consulted at the link to. The village of Aielli, whose territory is part of the Regional Park Velino-Sirente, is a treasure chest to discover. This country, in fact, which stands…, Castelvecchio Subequo stands on a rock spur of Mount Putano, straddling the Marsicano, Peligno and Aquilano areas, a small but…, Small village of Abruzzo in the Marsica, Cerchio has ancient roots and its history is linked to a legend. Roman colony born in 290 BC. On the northern side of the Saline Valley, from a distance we can see the village of Città Sant'Angelo, situated on top of a hill: from up there, once we arrive, a breathtaking panorama awaits us, between green hills and areas cultivated by the patient hand of man. Abbateggio is a small village that stands in a beautiful natural setting, between forests of beech and oak in the Majella…. What we know is that the village is set like a precious stone in a landscape that takes your breath away, at the gates of the Sirente Velino Regional Park, halfway between the Majella Park, the Monte Salviano Natur, Collelongo, at 915 meters above sea level and at Km 86 from L'Aquila, is a large village on the slopes of Mount Malpasso in Vallelonga, the ancient Transaquana Valley. Among the most important municipalities in the province of Teramo, Giulianoiva boasts a harmonious hilly and maritime landscape that every year attracts many tourists. The remains of the ancient walls, the doors and the villages, the churches and the palaces, the wide and luminous squares, the alleys and the streets still tell it. It was the capital of the Italic population of Marrucini. The road from Valle Peligna towards the village of Scanno is really enchanting. Along the Costa dei trabocchi, between Ortona and Fossacesia, San Vito Chietino dominates the Adriatic Sea. Ad un mese dalla conclusione del censimento, l’eremo di S. Onofrio al Morrone si conferma al sesto posto nella classifica generale. Where is: it is a municipality of the Teramo coast, it stretches north of Vomano river estuary. The heart of this country, however, is linked to its landscape: in fact, the village lies at the gates of the Zompo lo Schioppo Nature Reserve. Where is: Alba Adriatica stands on the Adriatic coast, in province of Teramo, just a few kilometers from the border with Marche region. The village lies on the slopes of the Morrone Mountains, perched, with the mountain that protects it and the eye to control the Valle Peligna. Fermare un istante mentre ogni cosa attorno procede senza sosta: attimi del quotidiano si muovono su pietre antiche, sotto un cielo terso. The traces of the Middle Ages can be read in, The city of L'Aquila is located in the center of the homonymous basin closed on one side by the Gran Sasso and by Velino Sirente on the other. Instead, this…. The…, Inside the Sirente Regional Nature Park, we meet the village of Castel di Ieri, perched on a hill as if to remember when, in…, Castelvecchio Calvisio can be recognized from above thanks to its very particular shape. Francavilla al Mare is a delightful seaside resort, famous since the second half of the 19th century. Chi Siamo   |  Notizie dal Club  |  Gallery   |  Newsletter, Due file di case sulla schiena di un monte, Via Ippolito Nievo 61 – 00153 Roma +39 06 45650688 info@borghipiubelliditalia.itCome associarsi! Particular is the history of its most ancient center: devastated by the earthquake of 1706, it was entirely rebuilt and in fact its architectures are of, Among the highest municipalities in the province of Teramo, Pietracamela is the only one to have the entire territory included in the Gran Sasso Park - Monti della Laga. The town, defined by D'Annunzio as "the country of the brooms", rises on a rocky spur and from its balconies you can enjoy a wide panorama that ranges from Majella to Gargano, and than to the Tremiti Islands. Where is: Alba Adriatica stands on the Adriatic coast, in province of Teramo, just a few kilometers from the…, Archi is also known as the "Terrazza sul Sangro": the village rises on a rocky spur and from there the view dominates both the…. Among beech and chestnut woods, peaks and streams, the reserve is a green oasis of immense beauty and its heart, From the top of the hill on which it stands and from which it once controlled the territory in fear of enemy attacks, Moscufo dominates the whole valley, giving the inhabitants and travelers a panorama of great beauty. Its famous Rocca, symbol of the village, was founded around the year 1000 as a simple watch tower and over time acquires more importance. Not to be missed is the Museum of Fossils and Ambe, Next to the river Liri, along the Valle Roveto, immersed in a natural paradise full of woods, streams and green fields, stands San Vincenzo Valle Roveto, a town that includes eight villages, including the authentic village of San Vincenzo Vecchio and other ancient nuclei of great historical interest, such as Morrea, San Giovanni Vecchio and Roccavivi. The village is situated on a slope at 1420 mt above sea level on the righte shore of the Fucino river. Instead, this beautiful castle really exists, and it is so beautiful that it was chosen as the location for the film "The Tale of Tales" by Matteo Garrone. It stands on a rocky hill at 155 meters above sea level, between the mouth of the Sangro river and the Feltrino torrent. Tortoreto, in the province of Teramo, is a renowned seaside resort, destination of many Italian and foreign tourists who love to spend their holidays on the Adriatic coast. © 2020 L'Associazione de I Borghi Più Belli D'Italia - P.IVA 06982031004   |   Privacy & Cookie Policy  |  Area Riservata  |   Powered by KooTj Tutti i contenuti, testuali e multimediali, sono strettamente riservati e non è permessa la riproduzione, anche parziale, senza esplicito consenso scritto dell'Associazione. One of the oldest cities in Italy, so much so that its historical origins are confused with mythology. There is a time of day when the sun illuminates the picturesque village, reflecting on the blue waters of the lake of the same name, and perhaps it is there that Barrea expresses all its magic, its being a mountain village, one thing with nature that surrounds it. s.type= 'text/javascript'; Curiosità, suggerimenti, racconti di viaggio: informazioni e notizie per cominciare a conoscere l'Abruzzo e le tante esperienze da vivere nella nostra meravigliosa regione. Scoprite di più! Village of traditions, good food, monuments, museums but above all uncontaminated nature, Morino offers many reasons to go and…, From the top of the hill on which it stands and from which it once controlled the territory in fear of enemy attacks, …, Mutignano, part of the municipality of Pineto, is a very interesting village from the…, Navelli stands on a hill and to get there means to be enchanted by the graceful delicacy of its ancient village: here the…, A city fair of culture and sea, home to eclectic artists, Ortona is also one of the most popular seaside…, The best time to get to Pacentro is at sunset, when the lights of the village start to light up and compete with the last…, The village of Penne extends over four hills between the valleys of the rivers Tavo and Fino: from the village you can enjoy a…, The essence of the identity of Perano is the nature, a small village enclosed in a landscape of great charm, very green, which…, Pereto observes the valley below from the rock spur on which it stands, like an ancient guardian who controls his kingdom. Where is: it is a municipality of the Teramo coast, it stretches north of Vomano river estuary. The village of Campli is located in the province of Teramo and is a real "treasure chest" kept in the heart of the Teramo hills. If the remains of the ancient Cyclopean walls tell of prehistoric settlements, the most recent history, Between the green of the woods and the soft heights of the mountains that guard it as a jewel to protect, Pettorano sul Gizio stands in the middle of a landscape of great beauty, with the colors and atmospheres typical of the interior Abruzzo. Its municipality area comes complete with the ancient hilly village of Montepagano from which you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from the Adriatic Sea to the Gran Sasso d’Italia.

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